Meet the Doctors

William I. Muiños, M.D:

Dr. Muiños completed a fellowship in Pediatric Gastroenterology at Emory University where he focused his research studies on nutritional support for children with congenital heart disease and failure to thrive. He is Board Certified in Pediatric Gastroenterology. Dr Muiños has lectured extensively in the field of Pediatric Gastroenterology on topics ranging from gastroesophageal reflux to hepatitis B. He has brought his knowledge and expertise to countries with poor medical facilities, as well as to Miami´s medical community. Most recently, he authorized a study on the nutritional patterns of adolescent athletes where he explored drug use, as well as the training techniques of this group. He was featured in “Shaq´s Big Challenge,” a TV series treating six obese adolescents. Dr. Muiños is the present director of the Weight Management Clinic at MCH.